Wilderness Survival
No survival situation can ever be predicted, nor can the outcome for that matter. However, your skill and knowledge may be the factors that make the difference. How well would you fend without your expensive outdoor gear? How well are you able to improvise with limited materials? Do you know your own body well enough to regulate and maintain your primary physiological systems? Have you ever tested your mental capacity to want and need less and yet still function with precision and grace?  Do you know the factors that contribute to being found safely by Search and Rescue?

At Earthwalker, you will learn practical skills based off sound research and historical application from both modern and "primitive" perspectives. ​
The lead instructor comes from a back-ground learning from seasoned mentors, instructors and near twenty years of practice.  Earthwalker has instructed wilderness survival courses in Alaska, New Mexico, Oregon and California since 2001. Earthwalker is primarily focused on courses taught in Northern California yet has the capacity to travel and instruct abroad.  In most recent history Earthwalker has taught for local community colleges, law enforcement, businesses and Search and Rescue.

Earthwalker courses are not edgy, military style endurance tests. Courses are designed to be practical yet creative by utilizing hands-on practice supplemented with lecture and demonstration.
Ultimately, the goal is for you to achieve a higher level of confidence while learning and practicing fundamental survival skills in a safe and fun learning environment. 

Click on this brief video:

This video touches on some of the knowledge learned and skills practiced through the progression of Earthwalker courses.  

*  Also available for private instruction.

Wilderness Survival Kits

From Modern to Primitive, Earthwalker will equip you with the fundamental skills necessary to survival a wilderness emergency.

Always give respect to your mentors.

Cody Lundin 
(Aboriginal Living Skills School & Discovery's Dual Survival)

         David Holladay
(Boulder Outdoor Survival School)