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Therapuetic Adventures Explained:
Take the worry out of planning your next adventure.  Have peace of mind that not only will you be experiencing the wonders of world-travel, you will also have an intinery that places importance on personal "chill-time," healing and enrichment as well.

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There are no roads to this location. Paradise awaits after arriving on a wooden long-tail boat. This vacation is all about the warm turquoise colored water and a beach that most people could only dream of setting their bare feet on. There will be plenty of options and opportunities to both nurture your soul while invigorating your body.  
Wake up to the sound of exotic birds, eat fresh fish, explore caves deep within the earth, hike into the jungle, or bask in the sun on the white sand beach. Enjoy the resort and pool that is just a few steps away from the ocean where you can swim, snorkel and sea kayak along the coast. There will be opportunities to rock climb, participate in yoga, receive Thai massage, take a Thai cooking class, tour around the neighboring islands by boat, or simply relax and rest. The price of the trip includes all hotel accommodations plus all the activities previously mentioned.  
You will be guided through an experience of a lifetime that is both safe and enriching. All you have to do is go with the flow. All the hard work of planning this amazing Therapeutic Adventure is on Earthwalker. Everyone deserves to experience paradise.  

August 22-28, 2018​​

Reserve your spot with  $800 deposit, full payment due by July 1st 2018

$1450 per person $2500 per couple (Airfare not included)

* Airfare can be found as low as $600 roundtrip on select websites

Click on Video to Learn more:

  Daily Yoga with Samara

Beach Front Hotel

World Class Rock Climbing


Sea Kayaking

Cooking Class

Jungle Exploring

​Cave Exploring

All Activities Included

Something for everyone!

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​Bali Quest

   Visit one of the most beautiful places on earth.  Experience a culture, so full of warmth, color, prayer and generosity.  Traveling in a small group, we will spend four days in the mountains and four days on the coast.  We will travel to a healing waters temple and go through a spiritual cleaning ritual that is sacred to the locals.  Visit up close with monkeys.  View rich cultural dance.  Go white water rafting.  Purchase elaborately crafted stone, silver and wood art pieces at very fair prices.  Visit holy Temples.  Eat delicious organic cuisine.  Practice yoga.  Indulge in massage and spa treatment.  Try surfing.  Swim in warm turquoise colored ocean.  Visit neighboring islands.  All under the guidance of a professional host that has arranged everything you need.
Cost includes eight nights in luxury accommodations (complete with pool, and health spa/massage); transportation and guidance to various attractions and destinations, cultural immersion experiences, events and activities all included in cost.  Hope you join us!
Price does not include airfare.  There will be no more than ten people in order to preserve the integrity of the group dynamic. 

March 18-26, 2019

Reserve your spot with  $800 deposit, full payment due by April 18th, 2019

$1850 per person $3200 per couple (Airfare not included)

(Airfare to S. Thailand can be found as low as $800 roundtrip on such sights as


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