Solo Quest is for individuals seeking self-improvement and enrichment through personal reflection, interactive communication activities and the use of natural solitude and seclusion. There is nothing like the majesty and power of the natural world to inspire your life direction and to help clarify your life purpose. Whether you are searching for answers regarding a career choice, relationship, transcending the past, or envisioning an optimal future outcome, Earthwalker is dedicated to guiding you. Be brave enough to look within and take the next step toward personal growth.

 3 days 2 nights, $240 per person​

Relationship Quest is for couples who desire to enhance their relationship to another level of health and connection. Backpacking is not only a great way to experience the outdoors together, it also creates a sense of closeness and responsibility for each other. The experience will give you a great physical workout, while also strengthening the bond between you and your partner. Resourcing the collaborative works from experts in the field of strength based psychology such as Dr. Rosenberg’s Compassionate Communication, and Dr. Gottman’s theories on lasting relationships (to name a few), we will be learning essential tools for communicating more clearly, fulfilling our needs and resolving conflicts. The relaxing atmosphere of nature has a way of breaking down walls and creating an open space for communication and mental, emotional clarity. We will focus on interactive activities, including some wilderness survival skills, that will promote growth, understanding and a compelling vision for the future of the relationship. It’s time to put your relationship first.  

3 days 2 nights, $400 per Couple
Leadership Quest is for companies and organizations looking to improve their overall performance and effectiveness. Every team needs to understand each other’s strengths and ultimately how to complement each other’s characteristics. There is nothing like simplifying and living out of a backpack for a few days to test your level of adaption and efficiency. Earthwalker will promote your team's optimal performance through safe and challenging group activities.  Along with lasting memories, your organization will bring home skills to communicate, collaborate, and organize more effectively.  Invest in your team, whatever your business or organization’s mission may be. ​

3 days 2 nights, $219 per member 
($199 per member with groups over 6 participants) 

All Events and Retreats are held in Northern California.  Transportation to and from Excursions is not included in the price of the excursion.
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Everything in this world is either living or dying...growth is necessary for life.  However, most people put time and energy into things that have little or no value compared to personal growth and life enrichment.

Earthwalker provides five different Wilderness Therapy excursions that promote exercise, self awareness, active communication, team work and mental/emotional wellness. 

Leadership is based off a solid background of master's level counseling and wilderness leadership. The Wilderness Therapy experience fosters a small group dynamic that is not only safe and fun but ultimately, helps you achieve a greater quality of life.
              Walk and Talk Therapy

                         Take your therapy outside!  

Walking not only increases your overall health and wellness, it is also meditative. Research has shown that getting your blood moving can reduce anxiety, depression, and stress. Walk & Talk Therapy also encourages healthy lifestyle habits and allows you to connect to the natural world.  Accommodations will be made for your level of ability and access to ideal walking/hiking locations.

Jeff Adorador is a Licensed Therapist with thousands of hours of experience counseling a wide range of people.

    $90 an hour (two hour minimum)