No survival situation can ever be predicted, nor can the outcome for that matter. However, your skill and knowledge may be the factor that makes the difference. How well would you fend without your expensive outdoor gear? How well are you able to improvise with limited materials? Do you know your own body well enough to regulate and maintain your primary physiological systems? Do you know the factors that contribute to being found safely by Search and Rescue?

At Earthwalker, you will learn practical skills based off sound research and historical application from both modern and indigenous perspectives. The lead instruction comes from a back ground of expert mentors, instructors and near twenty years of practice.  Earthwalker has instructed wilderness survival courses in Alaska, New Mexico, Oregon and California since 2001. Earthwalker is primarily focused on courses taught in Northern California and has a recent history of contracting with local community colleges, law enforcement, businesses and Search and Rescue.

Earthwalker course are not edgy, military style endurance tests.  Courses are designed to be practical yet creative by utilizing hands-on practice supplemented with lecture and demonstration. Ultimately, you will achieve a higher level of confidence while learning and practicing fundamental survival skills in a safe and fun learning environment. 
Wilderness 101 will provide you with the foundation to basic wilderness survival. This course is a prerequisite for additional courses. You will walk away with a large breadth of knowledge that will contribute to your confidence in the wilderness whatever your favorite outdoor activities may be. Skills will be learned through safely guided, hands-on practice. You will learn the "survival order," which guides your priorities and structures your ability to make decisions that will maximize your efficiency and longevity. You will learn how to regulate your core body temperature to prevent hyper or hypothermia, how to build emergency shelters to protect you from the elements, how to gather and treat water, how to build a single match fire and to create fire using multiple techniques. You will also learn cordage and knot tying principals, how to identify and process basic wild edibles and which essential tools and gear to pack for optimal performance and safety.  Additionally, you will learn about Search & Rescue and techniques for increasing the chances of being found alive.  This course is not only safe and fun; it is designed to reduce the risk of you becoming a statistic in the unfortunate event that you are involved in a wilderness emergency.

                            2 days, 1 night, $240 per person
Wilderness II is expanded practice emphasizing advancement of knowledge through supervised individual skill-building.  Practice the "survival order," and apply skills learned in Wilderness I while learning additional skills such as: advanced shelter building, improvised stone knives, primitive fire making techniques, trapping techniques, navigation and orientation using the sun and stars, identifying and following animal tracks, harvesting and processing natural edibles, and utilizing basic herbal medicines.  Challenge yourself and progress with your skill-set in an experiential model of learning.  Wilderness I is a prerequisite. 

                                        2 days, 1 night, $240 per person
Winter Survival is about experiencing the world of ice and snow. Learn just how comfortable you can be when you practice fundamental cold weather survival techniques.  Build and improvise various snow shelters, practice snow camping, process water, build and maintain fire, attend to your physiological systems preventing hypothermia, understand essential tools for optimal performance, read snow conditions, identify avalanche risks.  This course is designed with safety in mind.  Whether you are new to snow camping or well experienced, there will be value to your participation.  Wilderness I is a prerequisite.

  2 days 1 nights, $250 per person

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