If you have decided to sign up for an Earthwalker course and would like to register; here are some instructions to help with the process. However, if you have questions, please send an E-mail to: ​


1.  Download two forms  (Registration Form & Assumption of Risk )  
  • Click here to download, print, sign and return the Registration Form.  
  • Click here to download, print, sign and return the Assumption of Risk form.           

2.  Complete two forms and E-mail or mail to:   PO BOX 281, NEWCASTLE, CA 95658.  

3.  Pay by check or use PayPal. 

*  If you choose to pay using PayPal, you do not need a PayPal account.  Simply notify us of your intent to use PayPal and we will email you a payment link that is safe and secure.

*  If you choose to pay by check, please mail check to address provided above and advise Earthwalker with an email or phone call that you intend to pay via check.

Payment Information
Full refunds will be granted in the rare occasion that Earthwalker has to cancel a course due to unforeseen events.  In the event you have to cancel your registration to a course, refunds will not be granted if cancellation is less than two weeks prior to the date of the course.  Please note there is a non-refundable $50 processing fee for cancellations on all courses (not workshops).

Previous Experience
All participants are expected to have at least entry level experience with backpacking and camping.  If you need extra help planning and organizing, we would be glad to help.  Simply contact us with your questions.

Health & Physical Ability
All participants are expected to be at a fair level of health and physical ability.  Ask yourself, " would my doctor clear me to take a backpacking trip or camp in the wilderness using minimal gear?"  Earthwalker is relying upon your full and honest disclosure as documented on the Risk Agreement form.  If you have further questions please contact us.

Age Restrictions
All participants age thirteen and above can participate as long as they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian throughout the course.

Locations and Travel
The exact location of courses will be announced when the course is posted to the Earthwalker calendar. Most course locations will be in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains or foothills of Placer, Nevada, Sacramento and El Dorado Counties. Specific meeting times and meeting locations will be given for courses and events after registration. Participants are responsible for transportation costs to and from excursions.

What to Bring
After registering for a Wilderness Therapy, or Wilderness Survival course, you will be e-mailed a specific gear and supplies list.
Most items will be mandatory for you to bring for safe participation in the course. Some items will simply be recommended.  

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For purchase of Survival Kits, please email which kit(s) you would like to purchase.  We can set up payment arrangements either using PayPal or payment by check.