About Earthwalker
Earthwalker is committed to enriching lives by providing instruction and leadership in basic wilderness survival skills and therapeutic counseling in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Foothills.  Locally owned and operated, Earthwalker provides five Wilderness Therapy excursions and five Wilderness Survival Skills courses. Earthwalker offers day workshops as well as collaborates with various instructors and like-minded businesses for special events.

All retreats, courses and excursions are safe, fun, and led by Jeff Adorador, who put his knowledge to the test with an “experiment”, living in a tipi and simplifying life for over three years. After returning to mainstream living, Jeff equipped himself with the tools to provide service in the field of health and wellness. Jeff’s experience in the health profession has included working in wilderness therapy programs across the country, providing crisis intervention in emergency room settings, counseling in schools, leading anger management groups and providing counseling for hundreds of individuals, couples and families. 

Jeff Adorador holds a Master of Science degree in Counseling, and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Outdoor Experiential Education from Prescott College a renowned school for Adventure Education and Environmental Studies.  Jeff Adorador is certified as a Wilderness First Responder in first aid through NOLS, Wilderness Medical Institute. His survival experience and instruction has included courses taught by Cody Lundin (Aboriginal Living Skills School & Discovery's Dual Survival), David Holliday (Boulder Outdoor Survival School), Tom Brown Jr. (Tracker School), Search and Rescue, and Military ROTC. Jeff also currently instructs survival courses for the Sheriff's Search and Rescue team.
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Earthwalker courses foster a learning environment that is methodical yet "down-to earth," blending practicality with creativity.  Small group dynamics enhance the process of learning.  You will walk from the Earthwalker experience with lasting memories and new friendships with like-minded people.
David Holladay
Cody Lundin